Young Adult Therapy

Growing up can present challenges at different times of development. Sometimes for various reasons, these challenges may become difficult and confusing and begin to get in the way of living life. The young person may find themselves, anxious, worried, with low mood, experience difficulties with relationships or transitions at home or in school. Unhealthy strategies of coping with these feelings may emerge, such as engaging in unhelpful eating patterns, or deliberate self harm.

A therapist specially trained to work with young adults aims to help through providing a safe space for the individual to feel safe to express their feelings. Offering therapeutic understanding of emotional issues can help self worth and esteem, relieve worries and facilitate change. The therapy is usually one to one individual work. There is also regular feedback and thinking with parents. The work may be brief, or the young person may benefit from a longer engagement. Sometimes just re-framing the problem for parents can help them untangle and manage what is going on for the young adult.

Issues; Anxiety, general anxiety, low mood, isolation, obsessional thinking, emotional issues communicated in behavior problems, peer upset or conflict, bullying, coping behaviors such as eating issues weight management, or self harm.