Some of Your Questions Answered…

What Kind of Problems Can I Get Help With?

You can get help with any kind of problem that is causing you emotional distress and lack of mental wellbeing.  More recent difficulties or problems usually respond well to the shorter term process of counselling whereas older or more deep-seated anxieties and troubles can take time to resolve; in that case, psychotherapy or group therapy will be a more useful way of working.

How Do I Choose The Right Therapy For Me?

There are many kinds of psychotherapy and counselling models available and clients choose a therapy that they hope will be most beneficial to them. In Donnybrook Centre, you are welcome to avail of a one-off, no-charge 30 minute meeting where you will meet with the director of the centre who can answer your questions and help you think about the various alternatives available to you.

How Do I Know Therapy Can Help Me?

There is often an immediate experience of relief during the first few sessions of counselling or therapy which comes out of being allowed to speak freely and openly about whatever is troubling you.  As the process continues, it is the growing ability to makes necessary changes in your life and a growing understanding of what created the difficulties in the first place that makes the therapeutic process a helpful experience.

How Much Will Therapy Cost?

It varies depending on the service you choose.  There is our reduced cost service which is provided by therapists who are in training or who are working towards the completion of their professional accreditation requirements.  The cost of therapy starts from thirty euro per 50 minute session (low cost) up to eighty euro per 50 minute session.  Clients most usually attend one session per week.

Who Will I Be Meeting at My First Appointment?

In this centre, you will be meeting with a psychotherapist or counsellor who has completed an accredited professional training in an approved school of Psychotherapy and who meets the requirements of right to practice of one of the Accrediting bodies such as the IACP, IAHIP, ICP.  Alternatively you can choose to work with a therapist who is in training or who has recently completed their training and will shortly be fully qualified and accredited..  Go to our link on Low Cost Services to learn more about this option.