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Welcome to Donnybrook Centre Providing psychotherapy & counselling from our centre in Donnybrook since 2002 and soon opening in Blackrock.

Life often throws up situations and experiences that cause us pain and distress, and it is how we choose to deal with these experiences that can make the difference between living a fulfilled and an unfulfilled life.

And so sometimes we need to hear ourselves speak aloud to really know what we think and feel about the life we are living; we need a safe place to express our feelings and to explore openly the reality of our lives and relationships.  Sometimes we need to find someone we can trust enough to hear our fears and anxieties.  Sometimes we need to be able to think aloud to find a solution to the apparently insoluble.

And sometimes we just need to talk.

So whether they be difficulties arising out of;

we at Donnybrook Centre are committed to providing the opportunity for you to find some resolution to your problems by offering psychotherapy and counselling services in a safe and comfortable environment.

If you are interested contact us for an initial consultation, where we can discuss what form of therapy is best for you. This consultation is free of charge and usually takes between 30 and 45 minutes.