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Clinical Assessments:

Many parents express relief when they have a psychological assessment of their child conducted because they then have a better understanding of their child's abilities and needs (including those areas that are problematic.) This brings confidence as to how to encourage their child towards fuller development because a thorough examination and interpretation of the results can lead to a more thorough understanding of their child.

A cognitive assessment of a child's abilities can be likened to an x-ray of his or her overall thinking abilities. It tells the parents what their child's intellectual strengths and weaknesses are. When these are evaluated in relation to how they are doing academically, any learning problems can be accurately identified.

This type of assessment is often referred to as a Psycho-educational or ed-psych assessment.

Behavioural and emotionality assessments can be conducted separately but if taken together with the cognitive and academic assessment, they provide a comprehensive clinical profile of the child's current strengths and needs which can be more beneficial in terms of both short and long term gains.

Our psychologist Jean, a registered psychologist with the PSI, specialises in the full range of clinical assessments and should you decide to proceed with an assessment, she will provide you with a written report with recommendations for any concerns or learning needs identified. Your child's school can then make an application for the relevant educational resources.

If behavioural problems are the main cause of concern, as for example in the case of ADHD, Jean can also provide you with clinical interventions such as a Behaviour Support Plan and Parenting Skills Coaching. Where there are emotional concerns (e.g. anxiety) Jean can provide counselling to one individual or to all the family.

Fees for an ed-psych assessment range from 450-550 euro. Fees for a full clinical assessment range from 550-700 euro. Fees for clinical interventions are individualised and may be discussed separately. As we believe that every child should gain access to the intervention they need (which is often dependent on a psychological report for school resources) we are - in line with our low cost counselling option - open to discussion in cases of hardship and real need.

Commensurate with the recommendations of the PSI website, we encourage you to do some research first and to seek three quotations or more before making a decision.
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