Mindfulness Practice with Arran Kennedy

Eight week Mindfulness Course

Starting on Wednesday 2nd November at 7.30pm in our centre Plus Blackrock.
Cost: €220.To register please contact Sheena or Frank at 01 2838735 or by email info@donnybrooktherapy.com

Mindfulness is a simple and structured form of meditation. It involves learning and practising some simple physical, emotional and mental skills and attitudes which relax the body and mind. These practises are being scientifically validated and successfully used to improve mood, dispel anxiety, as well as helping to break free of a number of other unpleasant thinking patterns, emotions and behaviours.

Mindfulness programmes take place over eight weeks. In those 8 sessions participants learn a little about the brain, mood, emotions and perspective. They are also introduced to the theory and rationale of Mindfulness. Most importantly participants are trained in skills and techniques through guided Mindfulness exercises and meditation sessions.

By the end of the 8 week programme participants will be able to skilfully and successfully apply all they have learned to their own life circumstances.

For information about Mindfulness Courses and dates, please contact the centre by email: info@donnybrooktherapy.com or by phone: 01 2838735.