"We are lonesome animals. We spend all of our life trying to be less lonesome. One of our ancient methods is to tell a story, begging the listener to say - and to feel -'yes, that is the way it is, or at least that is the way I feel it.' You are not as alone as you thought."
John Steinbeck

Welcome to
Donnybrook Centre
Plus Blackrock Providing psychotherapy services for children, teenagers and adults since 2002

Deciding to start therapy is often a good decision. In both our centres you will find psychotherapists who are committed to providing you with time and space to think and talk through the life experiences, circumstances or relationships that are troubling to you, that are getting in the way of you living more happily.

Different people respond to different approaches, and so there are a variety of therapies to choose from including cognitive behavioural therapy, psychodynamic therapy, psychoanalytic psychotherapy and group therapy.

In trying to work out which therapy to choose, you can avail of our initial consultation service – a 40 minute meeting with a psychotherapist to talk about what is bringing you to think about psychotherapy, to tell you what is on offer in our service and to think about what will be helpful to you. Affordability and availability are also explored so that the practicalities are made manageable for you. As this meeting is not a therapy session, there is no charge made.

With 40+ therapists working in our centres, there is someone to suit you. Take the first step and contact us to make an appointment for your initial consultation.

Sheena Eustace
Centre Director

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